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Interview with an SM Content Creator

Welcome to the wonderful and limitless world of Minecraft, where adults and children alike spend hours creating amazing structures.  I have been a serious Minecraft player (read “building designer”) for about four years now, and it’s been my privilege to occasionally bump into other players who take their game time and share it with the rest of us via social media.  Rockerbuck is one of these content creators; he regularly uploads videos to Youtube reviewing texture packs, custom build maps, game updates, and building/structure reviews, among other things.  A major plus to his social media presence is that his content is family friendly and appropriate for adults and children.

For this blog post, Rockerbuck has graciously agreed to answer a few interview questions regarding his social media content.

What social media channels do you use related to your field of interest?

Facebook and Twitter.

How much time do you spend per week marketing your content?

If you include the time involved with rendering and finalizing a video (which is, for me, about 1 hour per video,) plus the uploading the video to YouTube (around 1.5 – 2 hour each), plus posting on Facebook, I’d say around 8-10 hours. Without all that preparation, it would be more like 1-2 hours total.

How do you engage your visitors to participate and share their content?

To be honest, for what I do, it’s more of just a “See what I have for you” approach. Although I will admit, this is a great question, and may just end up becoming part of my videos. People are taking the time to watch mine, I should ask them to send me a link to one of theirs (if they post them) and offer to watch and comment on it. Thank you for this question!

How does your social media engagement benefit you?

Oh my, plenty of answers here! In a way it helps me stay connected to my youth because I am “playing.” Especially with Minecraft, which has an aspect of building and creating. For other adults, I often equate Minecraft to Legos on a screen, in a way….so there’s that. When I graduated high school and thought about college, the area of broadcast media interested me. Sadly, that was a path not taken, but in doing YouTube videos I can tap into that a little bit. And so I so don’t make this TOO long, lastly I’ll say because it gives me great pleasure to entertain others, even if it is for a few short minutes. A perfect example would be some of Miss Spangler’s comments to my video’s. It makes me feel good when I see her reactions and I know that if she enjoyed my content, then mission is accomplished.

How does your social media engagement benefit your audience?

Hopefully it shows them that even at age 44, you can still “play” a little. As a large part of my audience is children / young adults, I’d also like them to see that while adults and children often have trouble connecting for many reasons, in Minecraft and the right settings (such as the family friendly servers I play and record my content on) there are places where the term “adult” and “child” almost vanish and where everyone just plays and has a good time.

For those of you who are interested, here is one of my favorite Rockerbuck videos: