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Hello and welcome!  I am Karen Spangler and this website is my internet watering hole.  Originally created to track my progress as a Graphic Designer, this blog has morphed into a place where I can write occasionally and showcase my design and photography interests.

IMG_1179I am an accomplished and hardworking graphic design & art student developing professional experience through creative thinking and project design skills. In my arsenal, I possess exceptional sketching & drawing abilities, proficient knowledge of Adobe CC, and excellent familiarity with design concepts and layout principles. Stepping beyond the creative sphere, I have the capacity to work independently or as a team player, employing good oral and written communication skills.

educational background

Homeschooled in the Charlotte Mason method from an early age, I was originally pointed towards a career in music, not fine arts.  Both of my parents are trained musicians and I grew up on the piano bench.  However, music is not my profession of choice, though it remains one of my great passions.  After a few years of student teaching in my parents’ music studio, I decided to switch careers to graphic design, a natural choice given my dual interests in empirical sketching and typography.

I see myself as having one foot in the design world, and another foot in the traditional fine arts world.  Graphic design is a fairly new venture for me; my artistic experience is in strictly traditional mediums and applications.  I’ve had to learn much in a short amount of time!  Every digital project is rooted in my experience as a traditional artist, down to color selection and execution.

personal facts

So who am I beyond the educational and professional obvious?

10430478_1567044603526596_4559024443172624899_n.jpgTo begin with, I am the eldest of seven children, and I couldn’t imagine life without my family.  These lovely people form a dominant element in my life.

I am an accidental poet and occasional nerd with brief, guilty forays into the realms of fandom.  When I get home in the evenings, my favorite thing to do is put on my music and curl up with a cup of something hot and a good book.  Reading voraciously is a habit I stumbled into as a child, and I’ve never recovered since.  Most of what I read is non fiction (in the genres of theology, science, history, and philosophy), but I do enjoy the occasional story.

I also enjoy cooking, spinning, crocheting, watching movies, listening to lectures, hiking, and occasionally gaming with one of my younger sisters (usually Minecraft).  Currently, I live with my family as I finish my education, and that family includes three cockatiels, a black rescue cat named Boo, and a Beagle/Boxer mix named Cody.